Bottom of the Hills

Once I’d put down How to Do Things with Cultural Theory I immediately picked up Matt Hills’ Triumph of a Timelord. Having been nudged towards viewing Doctor Who by my girlfriend – a show I’d never really had an interest in despite a liking for sci-fi – I had at least a vague handle of the subject matter. What interested me most going forward was the chapter regarding the fan-producer relationship. Many of these ideas I think I’ll be reflecting on over the year as I build up my dissertation.

On finishing Triumph of a Timelord I’ve decided to once more pick up Fan Cultures and read it thoroughly. I used several ideas present in Fan Cultures in my essay on Community fandom last year, but I am only now feeling more comfortable with the theoretical arguments presented. I’m only now feeling there’s a chance  I might graduate this MA feeling like the “Master” I should be.

As an aside – am I now a Matt Hills fan? In some definitions I would say so, yet to paraphrase Cornel Sandvoss’ definition – a fan repeatedly consumes the fan-object with an intense emotional affect – I’m not so sure. I don’t quite have the shivers down my spine of an intense emotional affect for Hills quite yet.

Looking ahead to semester one and my negotiated study module – I will likely be outlining my on module as my exercise. To give myself a better chance of building a theoretical base for my dissertation I may go the direction of outlining a module on (television) fandom, yet the question now facing me is how to avoid just making this a six-week long Bibliography assignment.

I’m looking forward to figuring it out.




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